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Google Maps Search Nearby : Displaying Nearby Places using Google Places API and Google Maps API V2



1) Android Studio installed on your PC (Unix or Windows). You can learn how to install it here .
2) A real time android device (Smartphone or Tablet) configured with Android Studio. .
3) A basic knowledge of Android lifecycle and different classes & functions used in Android Studio.

Before going through this post we will suggest you to first have a look at our post on How to get current location in Android Google Map. That information (inside link) will be used in this post.

Now let’s make it. We hope you would have already made an App to display current user location. So we are not repeating that part now.

Creating new project

Please follow following steps:

  1. Open Android Studio and make a new project with name “Google Maps Search Nearby” and company domain (I used my company domain i.e Similarly you can use yours).
  2. Click Next and choose android version Lollipop. Again Click Next and Choose Google Maps Activity (as shown in following pic).
  3. Google_Map_Activity

  4. Leave all things remaining same and Click Finish.

Now you will be able to see three files:

  1. google_maps_api.xml (…/GoogleMapsSearchNearby/app/src/debug/res/values/google_maps_api.xml)
  2. (…/GoogleMapsSearchNearby/app/src/main/java/com/androidtutorialpoint/googlemapssearchnearby
  3. AndroidManifest.xml ( …/GoogleMapsSearchNearby/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml)

Open google_maps_api.xml. Here you will find a lot of information along with a link. Copy-Paste this link in your web browser. Make a Gmail account through which you will configure google play services.

Google Maps Search Nearby

Now at the browser choose “Create New Project” and Click Continue. Following screen will be displayed:

Google Maps Search Nearby

Click on Go to credentials. Below screen will appear.

Google Maps Search Nearby

Create your key by clicking Create. Now a key will be created but there is one big change here as compared to our previous Google Maps tutorials. Here you will need a Server Key. So to generate a Server Key click on Create Credentials and then API Key as shown in the following image:

Google Maps Search Nearby

Click on Server Key. Below screen will appear:

Google Maps Search Nearby

Click Create and copy the Server Key generated. You shall copy and paste this key in google_maps_api.xml. Copy paste it in place where YOUR_KEY_HERE is written:

Code inside google_maps_api.xml is complete.


    TODO: Before you run your application, you need a Google Maps API key.

    To get one, follow this link, follow the directions and press "Create" at the end:

    You can also add your credentials to an existing key, using this line:

    Alternatively, follow the directions here:

    Once you have your key (it starts with "AIza"), replace the "google_maps_key"
    string in this file.
    <string name="google_maps_key" templateMergeStrategy="preserve" translatable="false">LVwrKoLOEMgwUBXGiut0bkFhoAjOiaVemoMlymg</string>     

Code Inside AndroidManifest.xml:

If you go inside AndroidManifest.xml then this key will be displayed in meta tags. Here you need to add permissions for accessing location of device. The required permission should be as follows:

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – To check network state i.e if we are connected to any network or not.
INTERNET – If we are connected to Internet or not.
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION – To determine user’s location using WiFi and mobile. It will give us an approximate location.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – To determine user’s location using GPS. It will give us precise location.
OpenGL ES V2 – Required for Google Maps V2


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest package="com.androidtutorialpoint.googlemapsdrawroute"

         The ACCESS_COARSE/FINE_LOCATION permissions are not required to use
         Google Maps Android API v2, but you must specify either coarse or fine
         location permissions for the 'MyLocation' functionality. 
    <uses-permission android:name="com.androidtutorialpoint.mymapsappsdirection.permission.MAPS_RECEIVE" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
    <uses-permission android:name=""/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>


             The API key for Google Maps-based APIs is defined as a string resource.
             (See the file "res/values/google_maps_api.xml").
             Note that the API key is linked to the encryption key used to sign the APK.
             You need a different API key for each encryption key, including the release key that is used to
             sign the APK for publishing.
             You can define the keys for the debug and release targets in src/debug/ and src/release/. 

                <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/>

                <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/>


Code inside activity_maps.xml:

Here we will add three buttons each for Restaurant, Hospitals and Schools such that when user clicks on Restaurant then markers will be added on nearby restaurants. Similarly in case of other two buttons. For this, we will use FrameLayout . Refer below code:



<fragment android:id="@+id/map"

    <LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

            android:text="Nearby Restaurants" />

            android:text="Nearby Hospitals" />

            android:text="Nearby Schools" />


Note: Please see your build.gradle file. It should have following code:

dependencies {

compile fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: [‘*.jar’])

compile ‘’

compile ''


Third line compile ‘’ is responsible for inserting Google Play Services. Please make sure this line is present in build.gradle Code of Google Maps Search Nearby App

This is the main part of our code. We will divide it into parts to get a grasp on it. Here we won’t discuss code related to getting current user location. You can get that information here.

We will divide our project i.e. Google Maps Search Nearby into different classes so that user can easily debug code. Here we will make three classes apart from i.e., and

First of all, we will check if Google Play Services available or not in onCreate() function of For that we will use function CheckGooglePlayServices().


private boolean CheckGooglePlayServices() {
        GoogleApiAvailability googleAPI = GoogleApiAvailability.getInstance();
        int result = googleAPI.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable(this);
        if(result != ConnectionResult.SUCCESS) {
            if(googleAPI.isUserResolvableError(result)) {
                googleAPI.getErrorDialog(this, result,
            return false;
        return true;

GoogleApiAvailability is the Helper class for verifying that the Google Play services APK is available and up-to-date on android device. If result is ConnectionResult.SUCCESS then connection was successful otherwise, we will return false.

Now comes the heart of our Google Maps Search Nearby code i.e. onMapReady() function. Here we will first build a Google API Client and then enable current user location using mMap.setMyLocationEnabled(true).


protected synchronized void buildGoogleApiClient() {
        mGoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(this)

These steps we have already discussed in our previous tutorial of How to get current location in Android Google Map. So now we will directly refer to the working of buttons and how to get nearby places using it. I will explain here functionality of Nearby Restaurants button. Rest of the two buttons will share same functionality except string passed will be Hospital or School according to button clicked.

Finding nearby Restaurants on Google Maps

We will start its implementation by setting setOnClickListener() and as soon as user clicks on it, code inside onClick(View v) executed.

Button btnRestaurant = (Button) findViewById(;
        btnRestaurant.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            String Restaurant = "restaurant";
            public void onClick(View v) {
                Log.d("onClick", "Button is Clicked");
                String url = getUrl(latitude, longitude, Restaurant);
                Object[] DataTransfer = new Object[2];
                DataTransfer[0] = mMap;
                DataTransfer[1] = url;
                Log.d("onClick", url);
                GetNearbyPlacesData getNearbyPlacesData = new GetNearbyPlacesData();
                Toast.makeText(MapsActivity.this,"Nearby Restaurants", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

In the above code first of all Google Map is cleared using mMap.clear() so that any pre-deposited markers are deleted. Then we are making a URL using getUrl() function. It will be used to get information about nearby restaurant on google maps. This URL is made according to Google Developer Guide for nearby places ( Finally markers are added on nearby restaurants using getNearbyPlacesData.execute(DataTransfer). Let’s see what is this getNearbyPlacesData is in Google Maps Search Nearby App.


Make a new class named (at path …/GoogleMapsNearbyPlaces/app/src/main/java/com/androidtutorialpoint/
googlemapsnearbyplaces/ This class should be extended from AsyncTask.

public class GetNearbyPlacesData extends AsyncTask<Object, String, String> {

    String googlePlacesData;
    GoogleMap mMap;
    String url;

    protected String doInBackground(Object... params) {
        try {
            Log.d("GetNearbyPlacesData", "doInBackground entered");
            mMap = (GoogleMap) params[0];
            url = (String) params[1];
            DownloadUrl downloadUrl = new DownloadUrl();
            googlePlacesData = downloadUrl.readUrl(url);
            Log.d("GooglePlacesReadTask", "doInBackground Exit");
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.d("GooglePlacesReadTask", e.toString());
        return googlePlacesData;

    protected void onPostExecute(String result) {
        Log.d("GooglePlacesReadTask", "onPostExecute Entered");
        List<HashMap<String, String>> nearbyPlacesList = null;
        DataParser dataParser = new DataParser();
        nearbyPlacesList =  dataParser.parse(result);
        Log.d("GooglePlacesReadTask", "onPostExecute Exit");

    private void ShowNearbyPlaces(List<HashMap<String, String>> nearbyPlacesList) {
        for (int i = 0; i < nearbyPlacesList.size(); i++) {
            Log.d("onPostExecute","Entered into showing locations");
            MarkerOptions markerOptions = new MarkerOptions();
            HashMap<String, String> googlePlace = nearbyPlacesList.get(i);
            double lat = Double.parseDouble(googlePlace.get("lat"));
            double lng = Double.parseDouble(googlePlace.get("lng"));
            String placeName = googlePlace.get("place_name");
            String vicinity = googlePlace.get("vicinity");
            LatLng latLng = new LatLng(lat, lng);
            markerOptions.title(placeName + " : " + vicinity);
            //move map camera

In the above code DownloadUrl is a class which is used to retrieve data from URL using HttpURLConnection and File handling methods. We will discuss its code after this class. After retrieving data in the form of googlePlacesData we are passing it to onPostExecute method. Data from URL will be in the form JSON which needs to be parsed, So we have made a class named DataParser. file should be added at the same path as Code is given at bottom of this tutorial. dataParser.parse(result) is used to parse data and resultant is stored as a list in nearbyPlacesList. Now nearbyPlacesList will have all information about nearby restaurants which we can easily access and add markers on corresponding places. Markers are added in Google Maps using function ShowNearbyPlaces. This is pretty much self explanatory.


This class should be made at the same path as with the name and add following code in it.

public class DownloadUrl {

    public String readUrl(String strUrl) throws IOException {
        String data = "";
        InputStream iStream = null;
        HttpURLConnection urlConnection = null;
        try {
            URL url = new URL(strUrl);

            // Creating an http connection to communicate with url
            urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();

            // Connecting to url

            // Reading data from url
            iStream = urlConnection.getInputStream();

            BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(iStream));

            StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();

            String line = "";
            while ((line = br.readLine()) != null) {

            data = sb.toString();
            Log.d("downloadUrl", data.toString());

        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.d("Exception", e.toString());
        } finally {
        return data;

Data returned from web will be in json format which user can get using HttpURLConnection. You can get more information about how to get data over web here. So this task will return JSON data returned from web.

Our code of Google Maps Search Nearby App is complete for Adding markers at nearby restaurants on Google Maps. Now similarly you can do for School and Hospitals. The only change will be in getUrl() function where string will be passed as Hospital or School according to the button clicked.

You can see full code in following files:

So finally our Google Maps Search Nearby App is complete. We would suggest you to turn on GPS and Internet Connection. Run this Google Maps Search Nearby Places App on any android device. It will first display your location. Now according to button clicked it will display nearby Restaurants, Schools or Hospitals as shown in following figure:

Google Maps Search Nearby

What’s Next

You can now learn how to draw a route on Google Maps between any two location. You can also see how to make this same tutorial using retrofit in our tutorial of Google Maps Nearby Places API using Retrofit Android. We have made a distance calculator app too, have a look at it here: Google Maps Distance Calculator using Google Directions in Google Maps Android API.

Thanks for reading Guys. If you have any doubt or suggestions then please comment. Don’t forget to subscribe our blog for latest android tutorials. Also do Like our Facebook Page or Add us on Twitter. Happy Coding 🙂

You can download full code below

Android Tutorial Point Download Now

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    • Hi Rayaane,

      It could be possible that either your places of interest are not updated in Google Maps or You are providing a very short distance in URL under which there is no restaurant or Hospital. I would suggest you to just copy paste your URL on browser. You will be directly able to see response.

      Thanks for reading. Keep learning 🙂

  1. Very Nice Tutorial Sir, but if i want to add another another activity in which user show the nearby places in list View so how can i do it
    here is my Listview class code:

    public class listviewActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
    ListView lv;

    // KEY Strings
    public static String KEY_REFERENCE = “reference”; // id of the place
    public static String KEY_NAME = “name”; // name of the place
    public static String KEY_VICINITY = “vicinity”; // Place area name

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    Intent intent = getIntent();
    // Getting listview
    lv = (ListView) findViewById(;
    GetNearbyPlacesData getNearbyPlacesData = new GetNearbyPlacesData();
    // getNearbyPlacesData.execute(DataTransfer);
    List list = new ArrayList();

    ArrayAdapter arrayAdapter = new ArrayAdapter(
    list );


    • Hi Dhruv,

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      AndroidTutorialPoint Team

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    • This could be due to two reasons:

      1) Nearby police stations are not updated in Google Maps nearby your place.

      2) You are using invalid key. or API. Copy paste URL in Chrome browser. You will be able to see response coming from Google Server.

      All the best (y)

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  18. Hi sir….. Nice tutorial….. I’m doing project based on this type…. Will u guide me sir….. Creating tourist app…. In this app gets the current location and display marker based on radius like 5km,20km,.. and also display particular places like lakes,church, park,..

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