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  1. I know php and my sql very well but i have not tried with android programming. And this article is the starting point for learning all together.

  2. i am getting error in login.php and register.php
    url is
    error is :
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘public’ (T_PUBLIC) in /home/u596310960/public_html/alogin/update_user_info.php on line 2
    any one help me in doing this and also can u please say give sample link to pass parameters for registration and login

  3. please help if this Android Trust anchor for certification path not found.

  4. I am getting an error “RegisterActivity: Registration Error: null” with blank toast while pressing login button in LoginActvity.xml and blank toast while pressing register button in RegisterActvity.xml

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, everything is working but am getting
    Required parameters (name, email or password) is missing!
    during new registration. Please help… Thanks

  6. Thanks for the tutorial,

    everything is working fine but when i click on register
    blank toast and nothing happen
    Please can you help…



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